How to get EBT card?

An EBT card as we all know is short for the Electronic Benefit Transfer, an electronic system made for the State welfare departments. It allows the department to issue benefits to the cardholders. There are mainly two benefits given to the cardholders that include the cash and food benefits. This card under the SNAP program can be used by all its users to avail food benefits or any other daily requirement needs. You can easily avail your EBT card by following the below-mentioned steps as this article talks about the procedure how to get EBT card.

Apply for SNAP benefit

First of all, you need to apply for the SNAP benefits in order to get your EBT card. The state and country offices are responsible for handling the applications. So contact the right place, calling the FNS headquarters will be just a waste of time. Each of the states has its individual form and it can be availed from local SNAP office if not available on the internet. Also, most of the helpline numbers available can be contacted when required. These numbers are absolutely toll-free so will help you get better details that too at absolutely no cost.

After getting enrolled with the SNAP benefits it will be very easy to avail the EBT card as they will surely provide you the contacts and places that you can get in touch with to get your card as soon as possible. But also you need to take care of some of the things after getting your EBT card.

You need to take care of the card properly and keep it in the safest places possible.

No need to share your secret card PIN with anyone and also avoid writing it on the card sleeve or the card itself.

Take proper care that the card is kept upright and not bent or damaged.

Avoid keeping the card near magnets or electromagnetic objects like the TV sets, VCRs, Stereos. Even the small magnets on the violets and purses can damage the electronic strip on the card.

Also, make sure you are not writing over the black strip on the card as it can permanently damage the card.

Scratching it can also lead to the card damage.

In case your card is stolen you can avail the new one by following the below-mentioned steps.

If you find that your EBT card is either lost or stolen immediately contact the toll-free number 1-800-997-2555.

Contact the local DTA office nearby and file for the replacement of your card and also request a new PIN for the card.

Do not forget to block the old card in order to block all of the benefits for the one who stole the card.

In case you are moving, you need to right at the moment contact your DTA Worker and inform them about the stolen card.

We hope this article was able to answer your entire how to get EBT card question accurately.

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